Winter Skincare Routine to Give Your Skin Some TLC

With temperatures in the UK this week reaching -12, we thought it was about time we gave our skin a little TLC. The combination of chilly outdoor temperatures and central heating can leave our skin feeling a little worse for wear. Read on for our top winter skincare tips, plus discounts on fabulous products.


Cold weather and central heating all contribute to dry skin, but you can stay one step ahead by using a moisturiser every day. Body lotion and creams will replenish any moisture lost through your skin and help to protect it throughout the colder months. However, it is important to choose the right product. Moisturisers that contain ingredients such as petroleum can actually dry your skin out further. If in doubt, opt for an oil-based product with natural ingredients.



Stay Hydrated

Although it may be tempting to avoid cold drinks in winter, it is important to keep drinking plenty of water. On average, we should all be drinking 2 litres of water a day to keep our bodies healthy, and not drinking enough will always result in lack-lustre skin. Try sipping hot water & lemon in between your usual teas and coffees to make sure you’re getting enough H2O.



Get Savvy with your Shaving

Shaving when you have dry skin can often lead to soreness or shaving rash. Therefore, it is vital to use a good shaving cream and a high-quality razor. Sign up to Friction Free Shaving with our unique code and you can get a free personalised razor along with your subscription box. FFS will send you replacement blades and your choice of skin care product as often as you need, so no need to pop to the shops in the snow!



Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

If there’s one season when we all need a bit of extra TLC, it’s winter! Braving the cold weather can lead to muscle tension, dry skin, and even low mood. So, what better time to book you and your loved ones, friends or partner into a spa for a day or two? With Voucher Angels, you can save 10% on Spa Breaks gift vouchers, meaning you can give yourself or others the gift of pampering.



With a little bit of self-care your skin can be glowing all winter, no matter what the temperature gets to! If you have any great winter skincare tips, share them with us on Twitter & Facebook.

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