Our Favourite Toys from Christmas Past! – #MyToyStory

What was your favourite toy as a child?   🎁🐻🤖🎺🚒 🦄

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun and what better way to kick off the festivities than taking a light stroll down memory lane?

We recently carried out a study, exploring the best toys to buy at Christmas which aid children’s development and avoid gender-specific labels. Whilst we did this, we also started a conversation in the office around what our favourite toys as children were, and why! The point is, it had nothing to do with a gender label, it was because we loved the toy!

Below are some of our personal toy stories…
Our Toy Stories



So, the big question is – what was YOUR favourite toy as a child, and why?

We really want to hear your stories so please share them with us over Twitter, using hashtag #MyToyStory, over Facebook (but make sure to tag us so we can see you) or you can pop us an email at [email protected]. Add a picture (if you have one), to bring your toy story to life!

Even better, we’re offering a Christmas Gift Card worth £15 every day to two lucky winners who have shared the best toy stories of the day, to spend on your favourite toy for your family. Perfect!!

Plus, on behalf of the winners, we will be giving away a Christmas present every day to the Children’s Charity Toy Appeal of their choice. So you get to make someone’s else’s Christmas special too.

At the end of our 12 Days of Christmas Competition, one lucky winner will also receive a mystery surprise prize just in time for Christmas…for sharing the BEST #MyStoyStory!

So, come on Angels, get sharing your favourite toy stories to warm up our cold hands and toes and get us fully in the swing of Christmas!

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Here’s our team’s Toy Stories…

#MyToyStory – Anais!

When I was younger, I was really close to my great grandad – we had a very special relationship. He would read me stories with his magnifying glass, carry me on his shoulders, take me to the market and we even made up our own game!

For my 5th birthday, he got me this really beautiful blonde-haired Corolle doll; back in the day, they were super popular in France. She was my favourite toy throughout my entire childhood, she was my absolute best friend. I took her everywhere and used to play with her hair all of the time.. which is why unfortunately her beautiful hair turned into dreadlocks, oops. 😬😇

I am 25 now and I actually still have my “Grosse Poupée” as we all used to call her. To me she is more than a toy, she represents the very special bond and relationship I was lucky enough to share with my great grandad. 🌟

Anais Toy Story

#MyToyStory  – James!

My favourite toy growing up was the Planet of The Apes Board Game I got for Christmas from my parents when I was just 8 years old. It’s meant for players of 4 to 6. But I played it for hours on my own so that I could lock up all the humans in the cage and let the monkeys win! I still love Planet of The Apes today. You can hear me from the back of the cinema, cheering on the chimpanzees and orangutans. I will always want the monkeys to #win!

James Toy Story

#MyToyStory  – Hannah!

As a child, my favourite toy was a little teddy giraffe. I called it Clocky, not sure why maybe because I imagined that Giraffes clock as they walk but I don’t think they do. I carried it everywhere with me, even to a wedding – I dressed up Clocky so she looked fabulous for the day with my favourite bobble. I loved this toy because I felt like she was my best friend when I was a very shy child, and she made me feel more comfortable to be myself.

Hannah's Toy Story

#MyToyStory  – Andrew!

Playdoh 😁  I loved making shapes to decorate carton boxes which I’d painted white to pretend it was a cake. It was also like having a new toy every time I played with them. I would also mix them up and make other colours. I had lots of blobs of brown on my cakes. Yummy! #MyToyStory

Andrew's Toy Story

So there you have it! That’s how easy it is to send in your ‘toy stories’ for our Christmas Toy Appeal!


  • You can enter as many times as you like!
  • Add a picture to make your story ping!
  • Send in your children’s favourite toy story
  • Send us your pet’s favourite toy

There are two winners picked from every toy story we receive every day, from Dec 4th to Dec 19th. And one lucky 13th winner who sends us the BEST #MyToyStory will win our mystery surprise prize on December 20th.

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Please share with your friends. Remember, these toys need a good home too!


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