5 Legends of Savvy Shoppers

For whatever reason, saving money is something we’re all desperate to do; it could be for a big holiday, a new frock for Crimbo or just a BOGOF on your weekly shop.  However, many of us try and fail to pull together the savings we need. So, we’ve been doing some digging and have found five legends of money saving! Now we’re not suggesting you should take ALL of their advice, but we think there are some lessons to be learnt from these guys.



Travelling can help your physical & mental wellness, as well as your soul according to Karen Reed. Karen is a committed health blogger who’s focused on instilling her readers with thoughtful health tips and positivity. In her article ‘8 Reasons Why Traveling is Good For Your Health’ she takes the time to outline how traveling can drastically reduce stress and improve your wellbeing. “There are no limits when it comes to traveling, except for what you can afford… It’s time to save up and plan your next vacation.” – Saving money and going traveling can really make you a healthier person!

Karen’s Blog : https://www.positivehealthwellness.com/

Connect with her on Facebook for regular health tips: https://www.facebook.com/positivehealthwellnessofficial


Quitting the rat race and travelling the world is something that many of us only dream of, but in 2006, our savvy traveller made his dream a reality. Nomadic Matt (author of the New York Times bestseller ‘How to Travel the World on $50 a Day’) has spent the past 10 years travelling the world at the same time as giving us top tips on doing it on a budget. His blog (http://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-blog/) tells us that you don’t have to be rich to travel; Matt himself tells us how he flew for free, couch surfed and hitchhiked his way through an 18-month trip.

Read more of his top travelling tips here:


Or follow his trips and travel tips on Twitter: @NomadicMatt 


2.Money Saving

‘Disease called Debt’ is written by Hayley, a personal finance blogger and freelance writer. Over the years, Hayley has managed to successfully pay off every penny of her £41,000 debt and has generously documented it for us, so we can learn from her experience. Her blog offers tips on how to make money through cashback, how to be frugal without being rude and how to stop emotional spending. Disease called Debt is an all-rounder for offering money saving, money making and debt paying tips.

Give it a read: http://diseasecalleddebt.com

She also shares her top saving tips on @DebtFreeOneDay


3. Food Shopping

Penny Golightly grew up below the poverty line, so she knows what its like to scrimp every penny she could. As an adult, Penny now tries her hardest to prevent getting into debt, whilst still enjoying herself. As a result, she came up with the Tenner Week Challenge. It does exactly what it says on the tin – you have a tenner and it lasts you a week. Of course the challenge excludes costs like rent and bills, and is meant to only cover the cost of food for one person for one week. After a week living on canned food and leftovers, amazingly, she manages to do it!

Find out how she conquered the Tenner Week Challenge on her blog:


She also shares her canny tips every day on Twitter @PennyGoLightly



26-year-old Louise from Poole runs her own thrifty fashion blog called Pauper to Princess. She swears by one rule; we can all beat the fashionista’s for under a fiver! Her whole blog is dedicated to creating her dream wardrobe, with all items costing under £5. From charity shop shopping to DIY fashion, she gives us top tips on how we can look better for less, here:


Or subscribe to her tips via her Facebook page on: https://www.facebook.com/paupertoprincess/


5.Extreme Saver!

We’ve all been there – there’s two weeks until payday and you’ve spent every penny you had to your name. For a moment you consider selling up your house and living a free life. Most of us shake off this crazy idea – but not our savvy saver, Sam! He’s gone to extreme lengths to save a bob or two.


Sam is a 32-year-old social media manager who, like most of us, was sick of paying over the odds for a tiny, dingy apartment in our glorious capital city. Instead of settling for second best, Sam made the decision to increase his commute in return for lower rent prices. And by this, we don’t mean a few extra stops on the tube, we mean a 713-mile daily commute.


In October 2013, Sam did some maths and figured out that it would in fact be cheaper for him to rent a 3 bed flat in Barcelona and commute to work in London 4 days a week, than it would be to rent a one bed flat in London. The commute is quite a killer, but it frees up €387 every month to spend on life’s little luxuries.

Read more about Sam’s story on his blog: https://bestburgerinnorthwestlondon.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/cheaper-to-rent-in-barcelona-and-commute-to-london/


We hope you’ve learnt some savvy money saving skills from our top 5 legends of saving!


Thanks for reading Angels.







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