The best and worst Halloween pumpkin carvings 2016

It is that time of the year where Halloween is nearly upon us. We are already starting to munch on the sweets and treats we bought for the ghosts and ghouls knocking on the door come the 31st October, and because of this we have all this amped up energy! With no Halloween parties until the weekend we need an outlet to channel this energy. So what better thing to do than grab a knife from the draw and start stabbing a £3 pumpkin you bought from Sainsburys.

I don’t know what it is with people, knives, and pumpkins but once these three elements combine we begin to think we are the Michaelangelo or Picasso of the pumpkin carving World. The creative juices begin to flow and all of sudden you’re stencilling out a to-scale replica of Big Ben into the pumpkin. Many people succeed with their pumpkin carving creations and that is great however plenty fail and this is….quite amusing.

So during this blog, we would like to salute the valiant efforts people who tried to create a pumpkin masterpiece but sadly failed.


First up we have ‘The Original’. This was an attempt to create the standard two eyes one mouth pumpkin, simple yet a classic. Below didn’t quite pan out. Although it was created using a gun so maybe it was quite a good job after all?


Secondly is ‘The Cat or a Hand?’  We are not sure what this person was trying to achieve here, maybe an outline of a cat who had just run through a wall, like in the cartoons?


Next is the ‘My dog ate it’. We have all used the excuse when forgetting to homework at school years ago. Well, now this excuse is transferrable for when you give up on carving pumpkins.


You know what looking at all these pumpkin mishaps is getting us a little blue. Let’s brighten things up instead and bring you 5 of the best celeb-inspired pumpkins! Yay!


1. Miley Cyrus (Wrecking Ball)


2. Donald Trump (AKA Donald Trumpkin)


3. Kim Kardashian’s Bum


4. David Bowie


6. It’s Britney B*!?^


Maybe after seeing these pumpkins you’re inspired to create your own masterpiece? If so, please carve responsibly

See you later my Cherubs x


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