Tips and tricks to get a cheap flight before the year ends

With colder darker nights fast approaching and the mild, wet and somewhat unpredictable British summer nearing an end, it’s easy to get in a little bit of slump. Most of us think that because the summer is nearing an end there is no more travelling to be had and flights start to become more expensive. What a load of tosh! There’s still plenty of opportunities to get a holiday in before winter sets in and here at Voucher Angels we are going to share some tips on how to bargain hunt for a break that’s right for you.

  1. Clear your browsing history – travel comparison sites use tracking software to see when you visit their site. They track you from the first time you arrive to their page. With this they are able to see what deals you have searched for on their site. So if you keep going back to the same deal they know you’re fairly interested and therefore might cause a sense of urgency by raising the price each time you visit. To get around this just simply delete your browsing history and cookies, every time you go back online to book.
  2. Travel Midweek – According to many analysts and blogs it’s cheaper to avoid travelling Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Booking a mid-week flight is recommended as they are less desirable and therefore airlines struggle to sell these tickets as fast. Tuesdays and Wednesday flights are best if you’re looking for a deal.
  3. Book in the morning – Many airlines withhold their tickets and release a certain amount each day. Get up very early and book your flight as early as possible, just as the birds start singing. With many people waiting until either the day or evening to book flights it becomes more competitive and therefore prices rise throughout the day. Remember – the early bird catches the worm on those flight deals.
  4. Cheapest time to fly – Most people don’t like having red eyes from flying overnight, at dawn or around the lunch time. If you select your flights around these times you should find a lower rate.

So before you go on a flight comparison site, clear your browsing history and cookies. Then travel midweek on a red eye flight that you’ve booked very early in the morning – and you’re onto a winner. If all of this is too much strategy, then our last tip might be for you.

  1. Holiday Roulette – Don’t worry there is no gun involved. What you do is select a rough time in which you want to travel and then wait until the last minute for all the late deals to pop up. You can get some real bargains and some fancy hotels this way however you need to be flexible with dates and open to any destination hence the name holiday roulette. But hey it could be a way to discover a new location you never thought about going to before.

Well there you have it my cherubs, if you’re looking to get away, I hope these holiday saving tips help you to find a bargain.

Love Angelo.



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