Become a master baker

There’s an old saying: baking is a science and cooking is an art! As the Great British Bake off returns to our tellies on the 24th August, some of you might be keen to test your baking skills and show off some homemade treats to your friends and family. If you don’t know your fondant fancy from your Croquembouche, don’t worry, we have five pieces of sugary sweet advice to help you impress the sternest of judges.

  1. Start simple – If you don’t bake often then it is pointless trying to make a crème brulee. Start by making simple cupcakes as they are quick and easier to make. Reading the recipe sounds obvious but you must go through it properly in order to get a heavenly result. Once you have mastered this you can begin to experiment with different fillings, toppings and flavours of cupcakes. Check out the link for some angelic cupcake ideas – because everyone loves a cupcake!
  2. Make sure you have the right tools – Baking can be quite strenuous. If you are planning on making baking a regular hobby, then a food mixer is highly recommended. Measuring cups, spatulas, mixing bowls and baking pans amongst other tools will also help make your life a little easier. They are quite cheap purchases so it shouldn’t tug on the purse strings too much.
  3. Don’t use cold eggs – Remember, your mother knows best! Butter is easier to bake with when it’s kept at room temperature. However, it is vitally important for eggs to be kept at room temperature as well, otherwise the mixture won’t emulsify properly. If you’re short on time, microwave cut-up butter on low in 5-second intervals, checking in between, and place eggs in a bowl of warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Life hacked!
  4. Measure correctly – Making sure you get the correct measurements is a necessity for great baking results, so having an array of measuring cups and spoons will help vastly. When measuring flour with cups use the back edge of a knife or another straight edged object, level the ingredient by running the straight edge along the rim of the cup or spoon to push the excess ingredient off.
  5. Give up and buy some treats – This last tip is for when you have realised that baking is not for you and you would rather just watch the Great British Bake Off with a glass of wine and gorge on a well purchased delicious treat. This method makes the process less stressful, less strenuous and tidier. If you are having friends or family around and you still want to pretend you made some treats yourself then head to a local bakery. This is better than purchasing from a large supermarket as bakery treats are usually handmade and you are helping the local economy #whatbrexit.

Cheat! Not to arouse suspicion select the treats with slight defects, a little too much jam, icing on the wrapper, etc. These will pass off as being seen as homemade and you might just fool your friends and family in believing you made the treats yourself.

Thanks for reading little cherubs. Hopefully I’ve inspired you to get baking…or pop down to your local shop. Take that Paul Hollywood!

Lots of love Angelo





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