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With summer in full swing and events, nights out and weekends away filling up all your spare time, it’s easy to burn a hole in your pocket. Before you know it the lure of warmer British evenings calls for a trip to the local shop to buy some beverages, burgers and have a nice little BBQ. Sadly, we don’t all have an endless stream of money to do and get whatever we want, unlike some people *cough…Kardashians…cough*. Fear not though if your wallet’s a little light, we’ve sent Angelo on a quest to find you the best money making ideas.

You remember that health kick phase you had a while ago? It spurred you to purchase a lush bike that cost a fair bob or two. You rode it a few times in the beginning but now it’s gathering dust in the shed. Believe it or not someone else could put that bike to good use and even better, they may pay a handsome sum to take it off your hands. Hallelujah! This is a double win as you are in effect tidying unwanted clutter from your home and making money in the process. Speaking from personal experience I decided to rid myself of some unwanted items – I even received £40 for an old Batman clock I hadn’t used since I was a kid! Our guardian Angel Angelo has spread his wings and found you four easy tips to help you sell unwanted items and get you back into all the heavenly things happening over the coming months.

  1. Deciding what to sell:

You need to decide what in your home you are going to sell. A good way to do this is to look at items in the home that you may have stashed away in cupboards, the attic, garage, etc. Items that have been put away in these places can be forgotten about or placed in these areas because they no longer serve a purpose to you. Once you have rediscovered all the things you’d forgotten you had, decide which you are willing to part with. If it is a family heirloom or has a great deal of sentimental value to you then think twice before trying to sell it. If, however you wouldn’t even notice it is gone then hey presto you’re onto a winner.

  1. What’s it worth:

Now you have selected your items the next question is how much is my unwanted crap, I mean gold, worth? Well the best place to find out is the internet.  Look up how much other people are selling their items that are similar to yours on sites such as Amazon, eBay and Gumtree. This will give you a better idea of the market value of your items.

  1. How do I sell it:

Now you have your items and you know what they are worth the big question is where will you sell them? There is an abundance of places to sell your unwanted goods. A couple were mentioned in the last step such as Amazon, eBay and Gumtree but there are a few other options as well. There is the classic car boot sale which seem to be located in every crevice across the UK. Cash Converters are located in most large towns and is good place for you to sell electronics. Lastly social platforms such as Facebook can be a good place to pawn off your goods to family, friends and Dale, that odd fellow you shared a desk with at primary school and haven’t spoken a word to since you left but are Facebook buddies with.

  1. Beware of hidden costs:

Now you have decided which shop is best suited for you to sell your items on you will need to make sure of any hidden costs when selling. Portals such as Amazon, eBay and Gumtree could possibly charge you to sell your items. It is also good to note that if you don’t sell your item you may still be charged for advertising it. The next thing to note is when you sell an item you may have to post it someone. Remember to factor in possible postage costs as this will into of your profits. You don’t want to pay more to have your goods posted than it you made selling them. Next is the car boot sale where you will have pay for you for parking and your plot where you’ll be selling your stuff. The prices vary up and down the country but do a little research first. It should also be noted that people going to car boot sales are big on haggling and will be pushing for a bargain so make sure you have your haggling hat on.

Cash Converters are good because they are easy to get to and don’t have any hidden charges however these companies are here to make a profit and will drive you quite hard be prepared to negotiate.

Lastly social media sites such as Facebook are great as it is free advertising and have the possibility of being shared across the network, unless you only have one friend. You can also post on buy and sell groups plus target ones that are local to you. The only drawback is your friends and family know you well and might know that bike your selling is not in as great condition as you are leading on or will see the Christmas gift they so lovingly gave you is for sale.

Don’t try to fool anyone you will eventually get found out. Lastly because it is friends, family and Dale make sure they pay you first otherwise you will keep hearing the words, “Don’t worry I will give you the cash next week.” Always do your research before deciding where to sell you unwanted items.

Thanks for reading little cherubs!


Lots of love from the Voucher Angels team.




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